A River Flows

I have always enjoyed writing as a way of expressing my connection to the natural world, exploring the different influences it has on my life either consciously or in less tangible ways. The six sentence story form has always been a way for me to distil this down to the essence of connectivity, finding the lessons nature has taught me in a way that I can translate and integrate.

I also love reading six sentence stories which explore the influence that the natural world has on other people, finding common ground between us and like a river, flowing through, around and between us all. If you have a great six sentence story I'd love to read it - just post it in the comments section.

A Six Sentence Story - Creative Connections

It was a week after Laney’s funeral that Kate remembered the river; their river. Now, as she stood hesitantly on the grassy bank, the earth chill beneath her naked feet, she gripped the urn tightly not wanting to let her sister go. As if it understood, the stream gurgled its water song, its music rippling the expectant air; its face, gold and glimmering in the late summer sunshine. Stepping into the shallows, she stooped and tilted Laney’s ashes into the river, watching as the water folded around her sister, embracing her as she wished she could, just once more. And she understood, in that moment, what her sister had said to her as they played in the river all those years ago, ‘The river is always moving, Katie, look how it flows around you and me.’ And she saw the sun fade beyond the treeline on the opposite bank and heard her sister’s voice in the wind and she knew that the river would always flow between them.



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