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Eligibility for Low Income Participants

To qualify for our free monthly Nature Connection meet-up sessions you will need to provide proof of your income and photo-identification. Proof may include documents detailing any one of the following benefits:

  • Housing benefit

  • Council tax support/reduction

  • Universal credit

  • Child tax and working tax credits

  • Pension credit

  • Income support

  • Job seekers allowance

  • Employment and support allowance

  • Disability living allowance/personal independence payment (PIP)

  • State retired pensioners who are householders in council tax bands A-D

All enquiries will be treated confidentially. This is not an exhaustive list and applications will be reviewed on a needs basis. If you have any further questions please get in touch via the details on our contact page. To book your place each month please click the booking button below and select the Social Nature Connection Service in the Nature Connection section of the bookings page.


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