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The natural world has been the source of inspiration for creators across the span of human existence from cave paintings to the development of inter-continental communications networks. Nature Wise offers a range of activities designed to enhance your creative skills by helping you to connect with the natural environment - tapping into the natural energy and wisdom which has inspired others to create great and often, life-changing works.

‘It is the marriage of the soul with Nature that makes the intellect fruitful and gives birth to the imagination.’Henry David Thoreau

  • Writing Workshops – exploring resilience, creativity, relationships with self, other people and environment using Nature as a starting point for developing characters and discovering stories and poems.

  • Art Workshops - bespoke workshops encouraging creativity in the great outdoors drawing on real natural history and folklore to nurture imagination and explore new and creative ways to express yourself.

  • Imagined Environments – a group activity using role-playing games in imagined environments to explore your ingenuity through creativity and inter-relational co-operation both real and imagined.


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