Natural Environment Therapy

Nature Wise offers a range of bespoke therapeutic services for individuals and groups set in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. Run a by a professionally qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, we offer a range of therapeutic services from coaching and counselling to creative, nature-inspired therapies.

  • Mindfulness - engagement in a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the natural world through meditative practices and a focus on the ‘here & now.’

  • Walk & Talk – from goal setting and coaching to dealing with specific issues, walk and talk therapy aims to use the natural environment and physical activity to help free your thinking and develop strategies to help you manage life’s challenges.

  • Ecotherapy – a deeper exploration of the issues and challenges you may be facing, in the company of a qualified psychotherapist and using Nature as a ‘third’ dynamic in the healing relationship.

  • Phototherapy – whether taking or exploring photographs, we offer a service based on the works of Judy Weiser, helping you to explore your sense of self and relational issues through moments captured in time.


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